Ola's Story

Images Captured By Jag Nagra

Sing for Ola and she will likely show you her “bum wiggle” dance.  She loves to clap, smile, and play with her Basset hound, Basil.

Ola’s family members were unaware, when going into the delivery room, that their daughter would have Down Syndrome, but the moment Mom held her, she knew there was something different about her daughter.  She was immediately drawn to her.  It was only an hour later that the news was broken to them.  

Ola has been fortunate not experience other complications along with her diagnosis.
The hardest part for the family was the fear of telling those closest to them and worrying about their reactions; it was a relief when their families did not react negatively.  Looking ahead to Ola’s future, they worry about how she will be accepted and received by her peers.  Mom hopes that by advocating on Ola’s behalf, she can help parents understand that their children have more in common than they have differences.  They try to be as open and as approachable as possible when it comes to discussing Down Syndrome.  If one thing they say makes a single family feel better about their own child’s diagnosis then they have accomplished what they have set out to do.

Ola has taught her family how to take life a little slower and how to appreciate the small things.  Watching Ola develop and learn new tasks has been exciting for the entire family, including older sister Poppy.  Together they cherish each new accomplishment.

Their goal is to raise both daughters the same way and to put all they can into them.  Mom is sure that her Tiny Light, Ola, will be an inspiration to many.