Lindsay's Story

Images Captured by Sprout Photography 

Tiny Light Lindsay loves life. She meets all her challenges with resilience and strength. Her mom Naomi says, “She lives in the present and has no fear.” The things in life that bring Lindsay the most joy are amusement parks, Chucky Cheese and balloons.
Throughout the pregnancy, there were indications something was not right, but doctors dismissed them as nothing important. The prognosis following Lindsay’s birth left her family reeling. For the first years of her life, they were in survival mode, doing everything in their power to ensure their little daughter lived.
Lindsay has an undiagnosed genetic disorder that affects multiple areas of her body. She is considered palliative, which means doctors treat the symptoms and reduce her pain without eliminating the cause. Lindsay is hearing and visually impaired, and suffers from seizure and bowel disorders. On top of that, this young survivor battled kidney cancer at the age of 2, losing a kidney in the process. Lindsay has spent her life in and out of hospital.
For other parents who are facing the same challenges, the family offers these words of advice: “Don’t feel guilty for getting help to take care of your child, and make sure you remember to take care of yourself.” While they do not know what the future has in store for them, they are praying for one that is “pain and illness free.”  All they know for sure is that, with Lindsay, it will be filled with love and joy.
Story Written by Tara Anderson