Caleb's Story

Images Captured by Petra King Photography

This is Tiny Light Caleb. Although he and little sister Hannah are eleven months apart, they are best friends and are often mistaken for twins. Full of energy, Caleb keeps his parents Sharon and Derrick on their toes.

During mom's eighteen week routine ultrasound, the technician discovered some “red flags and indicators” that suggested the baby may have Down syndrome as well as other medical issues.  A follow-up specialized ultrasound was booked and the realization of the news starting sinking in.  The entire family spent much time praying for a miracle. Their prayers were not in vain; the doctor reported the initial worries about small holes in their baby’s head and heart were amiss and he stated he had never seen a healthier heart.

In January of 2010, the family gave birth to their second daughter, Grace.  Sadly, she was born very sick and was taken off life support only thirty-one short days later.  During that time, Grace taught the family more than a lifetime of books or schooling ever could.

Now at the age of four, Caleb is one of the greatest joys in his family and friends' lives.  The also celebrated a new addition to their family when Zachary was born in October.  While it took a long time for the family to accept Caleb’s diagnosis - out of worry for the struggles he may face - their Tiny Light has taught them so much, "God is revealing to us everyday the joy and love Caleb has to offer. He has truly demonstrated what love, mercy and grace are really all about."

Story Written by Kristi Hall-Busque