Casper's Story

Images Captured by Asher Images

 With a due date of December 31st, Tiny Light Casper was determined to be one special baby right from the beginning. After a difficult pregnancy, he arrived 14 weeks early, weighing just 1 pound 11 ounces.  Doctors expected him to be in hospital until at least New Year’s Eve, but this “Little Spirit Boy” proved them all wrong. Casper got to celebrate his first Christmas at home with his parents and two siblings.

Casper spent 76 days in the NICU battling several medical issues.  It turns out mom Amy’s placenta was full of infection, which was passed on to her baby. Casper had to fight that off plus deal with apnea and heart spells where his heart rate would drop dramatically. He also endured two bouts of a severe intestinal infection unique to preemies. Through all of it, this little fighter has thrived.

Now Casper is at home, but he has a few major health hurdles ahead, includingeye disease and surgery for two hernias. However, the biggest challenge he faces is an extremely severe allergy to animal protein. This means Casper needs a special formula that is very costly – and not covered by health insurance. The family is struggling to find a way to pay for the extra expenses. With two other children, 6-year old Anastasia and 5-year old Ephraim, who are also special needs, parents Amy and William are stretched to the maximum.

The family’s first photo session at the hospital included one of Casper’s primary nurses Loretta. “Loretta was so amazing with Casper and was like a second mom she just loved our little boy so much.” The upcoming at-home session will include the whole family.

It has been amazing for the entire family to be together through the holidays. There is a big celebration planned to officially welcome Casper home early in the New Year. And though the path ahead is not easy, there is so much love to pave the way. “No matter how overwhelmed we may feel, when we see him we are just in awe of him. We feel like he completes our family and brings so much goodness, joy and light to our lives. We can’t imagine Casper not being here.”

Written by Elaine Yong