Jared's Story

Images Captured by Jennifer Pearson Photography

Tiny Light Jared arrived in this world with quite the entrance and hasn’t slowed down. Despite a completely normal pregnancy, he was born unexpectedly 13 weeks early. Immediately, he had to be taken by air ambulance to a bigger hospital and new mom Beth wasn’t even able to hold her new baby.

Jared ended up staying at the Hospital for Sick Children for nearly a year, battling several life-threatening medical conditions.  His lungs weren’t fully developed and he has gastrointestinal issues. Later, his liver and kidneys failed. This little fighter wouldn’t give up. After more than two months on the liver transplant waiting list, he received his transplant in January 2010. Beth says, “He continues to amaze and baffle some of the smartest doctors and nurses around, as his condition is still undiagnosed.”

It has been challenging for Jared’s parents to watch their baby boy undergo countless procedures, surgeries, medications and tests. But they find strength in the amazing hospital nurses and social workers, and their son, “Jared is our hero. He continued to fight and survive through some of the most intensive medical treatment around. He has his daddy’s strength and his mommy’s determination.”

Jared is now 2 years old and he enjoys discovering new toys and trying new foods, especially at weekly Friday night dinners with his extended family. He won’t go anywhere without his faithful companion, a little lion his grandparents gave him on the day he was born. Though the future is uncertain for this Tiny Light, the family stays positive and cherishes every moment together.

Written by Elaine Yong