Rachel's Story

 Images Captured by GingerSnaps Photography

Tiny Light Rachel can and will do anything she sets her mind to.  She is a happy, intelligent, and loving little girl who enjoys singing, swimming, reading, and swinging.  Rachel also likes playing practical jokes, especially hiding behind doors and jumping out at people yelling “Boo!”  Her siblings adore her, and she touches the hearts of everyone who takes the time to get to know her. 

Rachel’s parents were told that she might have Down Syndrome when she was just one month old.  They were anxious as they waited for the results of her tests.  When she was diagnosed, they were devastated.  However, they quickly came to the realization that they were given a gift.  Their faith helped them stay strong, and they made a point to focus on their beautiful baby girl, rather on her diagnosis.

Initially, Rachal’s parents worried about her future, but now know that “she will get as much out of life as she wants.”  They hope the same thing for Rachel as they do for their other children: to meet a nice boy, get married, and have a job.

As her parents say, “Having a child with Down Syndrome isn't always easy…but the joy that these amazing children bring, far outweighs the scary stuff.”

Story Written by Emily Harrison