Christian's Story

Images Captured by Misty Dawson Photography

Tiny Light Christian always has a smile on his face, despite the struggles he faces every day. He is a “low-key kind of guy” who enjoys spending his time in quiet and peaceful environments. He is very affectionate and loves when his mother runs her fingers through his hair as he falls asleep. He also loves relaxing in the pool and being in his Snoezelen room (a controlled multisensory environment). 

After a healthy pregnancy, Christian’s mother had complications during her delivery. Due to a lack of oxygen to his brain, Christian was born with cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia and global development delay. He also lives with a severe seizure disorder, scoliosis, and cortical blindness. Christian requires a feeding tube and reacts poorly to too much stimulation, noise, and even the weather. He requires constant care and supervision and needs someone to provide suctioning so he does not choke.  Because of this, it is challenging for him to leave the house with his family.

Last year marked a milestone for Christian, as he exceeded the life expectancy his doctors predicted. His health continues to deteriorate but his family cherishes every moment they have with him. Christian has had an incredible impact on his family and those around him. “He has brought a whole new meaning to life and has led us down a path we wouldn't have known if not for him.”

Story by Emily Harrison