Meet Maggie and Molly

Images Captured by GingerSnaps Photography

Molly loves to play dress up, play with her babies, make crafts, sing and dance; her sister Maggie is also a fabulous dancer and singer.

Molly has a general diagnosis of hypotonia with an additional diagnosis of Spastic Paraplegia, although it has yet to be confirmed.  A major frustration for her parents was the lack of further opinions on Molly’s condition, resulting in sleepless nights waiting for test results and not knowing whether she was living with a threatening illness.  It has been an ongoing process trying to determine where Molly’s symptoms are stemming from.

Maggie’s diagnosis is Autistic Disorder; their reaction to this was sadness and disbelief in the beginning.  Their parents have experienced every emotion from fear, then relief.  Sadness then gratitude. Anger then joy.  The hardest part of Maggie’s journey for her parents has been wondering what the future holds for her.  “You imagine your children’s lives and never in a million years do you expect to have to think about saving for them because they may not be able to support themselves.”

As their daughters overcome each individual challenge they are faced with, Molly and Maggie’s parents are amazed at how they are each thriving and what phenomenal little people they have become.  They love to hug each other, a tell tale sign to their mom that everything will be okay because no matter what, they will always have each other.  Each day, Molly and Maggie surprise their parents at what they can accomplish, giving them tremendous hope. 

Advice they have to give: Never, ever blame yourself or feel guilty; you have to learn how not to feel sorry for yourself or for your children.  They also feel that they have learned a lot about themselves, their marriage and their relationships with their extended family.  Instead of focusing on the negative, the girls’ family choose to celebrate the fun times which for them means trips to Disney World.   “Wish it, dream it, do it!”

Story by Kristi Hall-Busque