Meet Little Darius

Images Captured By Rhonda Steed Photography

Meet Tiny Light Darius.  Born only this past March, Darius has already overcome many obstacles.  Each day, he demonstrates to his family and friends his willingness to fight and grow stronger.

Darius was born prematurely at twenty seven weeks, both him and Mom experiencing many complications along the way.  His doctor expressed serious concern when his white blood cell count came back high, and he was put on a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine to help regulate his breathing.  At one month of age, moisture was found in his lungs and doctors continue to clear them out.  It is uncertain as to whether or not Darius will experience difficulty in areas of development in the future.  

The hardest part of their journey so far has been the first few days when Darius needed to be isolated; his parents were only able to touch him through the holes of the isolette and were unable to pick him up.  He was on oxygen, and had many wires and tubes helping to improve his health.  At the time, Dad was also working in Lethbridge and was only able to make it to Calgary to see them on the weekends.

His parents have learned that asking questions and being willing to do anything for your child will help bring you closer to your baby sooner.  Support from family and friends helps Darius’ parents keep strong and stay positive when they are feeling anxious.  

Darius’ test results continue to come back positive, alleviating some of his family’s fears.  Even though Darius is still small for his age, he has started cooing and kicking while playing in his crib.  He also enjoys checking out the scenery around him.  His family is hopeful that Darius will catch up and pass all of life’s milestones; they have faith that he will grow up to be a very bright child. 

Story written by Kristi Hall - Busque