Zachary's Story

Images by Portraits by Josée

As a triplet, Zachary was surrounded by love even before he was born.  When he and his brothers arrived two and a half years ago, their older sister was thrilled.  Now, Zach has a younger sister who helps look after him too. This Tiny Light has flourished with all that love and support.

Parents Barbara and Simon say their children are too young to understand what Zach’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy means, but they all know he is different. “Zach’s  womb-mates are gentle with him, without being  told.  They laugh and joke with him without being affected by his physical differences.” His older sister carries him around, and his younger sister is often down on the floor playing with him.

Doctors told the family Zach had a brain injury less than one week after he and his triplet brothers were born. But they did not get the official heartbreaking diagnosis of CP (affecting all four limbs of his body) until 11 months later.

Since then, life has changed completely for this resilient family. Taking care of Zach is more than a full-time job, and the expenses for special equipment and therapies continue to add up.

But there is also so much joy.  “When you have a child who struggles to do things everyone else takes for granted, you have such an appreciation for every little thing your child learns.” Zach loves to bike, swim, and play ball.  He often sings to himself while playing. He enjoys reading books about trains or animals. Right now, he is learning his letters and can spell and recognize his name.

There is good news for this happy little boy’s future. Before, doctors didn’t think Zach would ever walk, but with so much determination and spirit, this Tiny Light will likely be able to get around in a walker. As his mom says, “We joke constantly that someone forgot to tell Zach he has CP.”