Meet Tucker

Images Captured BY Birch Hill Photography

This amazing little guy is Tucker.  Tucker was born with Down syndrome and AVSD, a type of congenital heart defect that was repaired when he was only five months old.  Tucker’s condition weighed heavily on his young mom’s heart.  Feelings of guilt, anger and fear preoccupied her.  Was this her fault?  Why did her son have to struggle? 

With fierce determination and a resilient spirit, this little man tackles everyday challenges with an infectious grin, which he always on his face.  He loves the colour red, enjoys bath time with his sister, and is quickly mastering the art of sign language.  It has been a beautiful, heartbreaking, and life-changing journey.  The best part of it all is watching Tucker grow and become the best he can be.  Tucker exudes happiness, love and determination.  It is hard not to be inspired by him.

When Tucker was just hours old and hooked up to heart monitors, his mothers heart was silently breaking.  There was her baby, not even a day old, and she felt like she had already failed him.  But what the years would teach her is that Tucker was there to change the way she saw the world.  Together they would grow and change the other until they became what they were always meant to be.
And now, looking at Tucker, with his beautiful spirit, so full of love, “I have realized that I have never failed him but that I made him who he is, and for that, I will forever be proud and thankful that he is my son.