Kamryn's Story

Images Captured By D4 Photography

This sweet Tiny Light is Kamryn.  She is an inspiration to so many people around her, both those who know her and those who do not, because of her strong spirit and determination to not let anything stop her from doing the things she wants to do.

Kamryn was originally hospitalized for RSV and acute bronchiolitis.  However, during the course of her illness, she contracted Group A Strep and Bacterial Pneumonia.  She was flown to another hospital and she was placed on life support because she was in Septic Shock.  The wait to find out if she would live was agonizing for her parents.  When she finally stabilized, Kamryn showed a zest for life and a happiness that has been amazing!

After her battle with severe infections, Kamryn does not look the same as other children.  She has a total of two and a half fingers.  She has lost part of both her legs including a significant amount on her right side.  However, these things do not get Kamryn down. She can pick up things, hold her own bottle, and even crawl around.  She loves to dance, play with dolls, and keep up with her brothers.

Kamryn’s parents feel that it is important to stay positive and keep looking forward rather than spending time wallowing in what might have been.  Their goals are to encourage Kamryn in everything she desires as she grows.  They want her to do all the things that other kids do.  They want her to continue to be the strong, inspiring, and beautiful light that she already is in this world as she conquers all of the challenges that come her way!

Story by Shauna Salmon