Ethan's Story

Images Captured by Brooks Photographic

Ethan is a Tiny Light who loves trivia; did you know there are six different types of bacteria living under your arm?  Ethan knows!  He also loves James Bond, Tae Kwon Do, and collecting things – he will collect almost anything.  Ethan’s mom loves to hear him sing, and says that it does not matter if he is in tune or keeping time; he has a way of making it sound perfect. 

Ethan’s diagnoses include ADHD, Non-verbal Learning Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Borderline Cognitive Functioning.  Although it seems a lot to deal with, Ethan’s parents were actually relieved to finally get the diagnoses.  Having something concrete to go on not only gave them comfort that they were not “crazy” for thinking something was wrong but also a jumping off point for dealing with all the challenges that Ethan faces. 

While he faces many challenges, Ethan also has many strengths.  He is kind and generous.  He sees the world with a child’s sense of innocence.  He is unbiased and honest.  He loves with his whole being, holding nothing back, and he has a quiet strength and resilience that amazes people around him.

Like most parents, Ethan’s parents hope that he will grow up happy and healthy.  While things seem difficult sometimes, they have faith that they will be able to get through it all.  They want him to find joy in simple things and know the unconditional love of family.  Ethan makes the world a better place and his family count themselves lucky to be a part of his world. 

Story by Shauna Salmon