Naomi's Story

Images Captured by Christy Wells Photography

Meet Tiny Light Naomi.  She is an amazing young artist and loves to create.  She also loves singing and dancing, and makes up dances to put on ‘shows’.  She is an absolute ray of sunshine and an inspiration to all.

Naomi was diagnosed with an Ependymoma brain tumor on her brain stem. This diagnosis came after four weeks of unexplained, sporatic vomiting.  Her parents were absolutely devastated.  Four days after her diagnosis she underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor.  This was followed up with four and a half weeks of recovery, then eight weeks of daily radiation treatment to ensure the cancer was completely gone.

Explaining complicated and scary medical information to children is difficult.  Naomi’s parents did their best, referring to the tumor as ‘Lumpy’ and explaining that there were some sick cells in her head.  It was a hard journey for the whole family, but they kept their faith and fought for their little girl.  And she was amazing! “She just did what she needed to do to get healthy and was incredibly strong in situations that would turn an adult into a weeping mess.”

At her end of treatment celebration, Naomi asked that rather than gifts people bring donations for the Children’s Wish Foundation so that she could help kids get wishes.  When her hair began to grow back after radiation, she asked to grow it long so that she could cut it off for Wigs For Kids.  Needless to say, she has been embraced by her community and has made her parents very proud!  She will continue to have regular MRIs for the rest of her life.  She will also continue to inspire people and show that with determination, anything is possible!

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst