Grayson's Story

Images Captured byStudio 1079

Meet Grayson. This Tiny Light is a social baby! He loves looking at himself in the mirror, baths, and of course his parents. He is a good sleeper, a trait cherished by the parents of kids any age!
Grayson’s heart defect was detected during an ultrasound at 22 weeks. When the message from the doctor was picked up, Grayson’s parents knew that it wasn’t going to be news they wanted to hear.  They were told that the cardiologist said that it was fixable, and amniocentesis ruled out a genetic disorder that these heart conditions can be associated with.

Grayson was in the Pediatric ICU at Children’s Hospital for 20 weeks after he was born. “When I did get to see him he was more tubes than baby. I wasn’t able to hold him for a week.” Grayson has a congenital heart defect called transposition of the greater arteries with a VSD and pulmonary outflow tract obstruction.  At five days old he had open-heart surgery to ‘tinker’ with his heart enough to keep him alive for a few months. His next surgery will be in the next few months, with a good chance of subsequent surgeries to replace any artificial parts as he grows.

It hasn’t been an easy start for Grayson. His parents fear that his heart problems will rob him of a normal childhood. “I get over this by knowing that what will be will be and we will take what is handed to us and make the absolute best of it.” 

Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst