Meet Dylan

Images Captured by Jag Nagra of Page 84 Photography & Design

This is Dylan. He is a happy boy and a huge Michael Jackson fan! He loves his music and his parents love watching him imitate the dancing! He loves playing Lego.  He refers to his dog, Thor as his ‘BFF’.

Dylan has a rare form of Chromosome Deletion Disorder, which results in mental, physical, emotional, and social delay. Born in 2001, this diagnosis was not made until 2010 after Dylan had been investigated at the Genetics department. Through the years Dylan had been referred to as a ‘Mystery Diagnosis’. Something wasn’t right but no one knew what that something was. 

A long-awaited diagnosis was a huge relief but also came with a new set of worries. Because of its rarity, there isn’t a lot of information to be found on Dylan’s condition. Through all of these specialist appointments, testing, and surgeries Dylan has remained so happy and courageous. He is an inspiration to all around him, for reasons that are obvious! 

Dylan’s parents do fear that life will be difficult for him. They try their best to see their son as a happy child instead of a child with disabilities. They hope that he will be accepted by society. He has an amazing support system of parents, grandparents, and extended family and they are confident that he will grow up to be well adjusted and will continue to be his happy self. The other thing that his mother swears by is the famous poem ‘Welcome to Holland’ about accepting disabilities by Emily Kingsley. “It’s what I read whenever I have needed that extra inspiration to stay positive.”

 -Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst