We would like you to meet Luc

 Images Captured By Light and Vision Photography

This is Luc. Luc loves swimming, reading, puzzles and video games. While he can be hard to communicate with at times, his loving nature comes through for all to see. He is a sweet boy with an incredible sense of humor!
When Luc was two year old his parents suspected that something was different. He would flap his arms when he got excited and was unresponsive to his name. His speech was also delayed. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was three. After being put on an 18-month wait list for government programming Luc’s parents hired him private help. Something they are so glad they decided to do.
Luc still struggles with communication. He lacks vocabulary and expressive language. “It’s his biggest challenge.” When he can’t cope he gets embarrassed and yells and cries when there are other people around. His parents have learned so much about him and his needs, that they and now know to remove him from these situations.
Luc’s parents feel some guilt looking back and thinking about things they tried to get him to do before the diagnosis. Things that they now realize he just couldn’t handle.
Things are progressing for Luc. His parents continue to work hard with him. “Take every opportunity possible to engage your child and make him a part of ‘this world’ as it helps keep them out of ‘their own world’. Every minute is a teaching experience and you have to act now while they’re young.” They admit to having fears about what life for Luc will be like, but they take some comfort in knowing that they are doing everything possible for him. “We’re doing our best!”
Story by Angela Stephen-Dewhurst