Nicolas' Story

Images Captured by The Labour Union Photographers

This Tiny Light was born by emergency C-Section on December 25, 2010, and for that reason, his parents gave him the name Nicholas. He adores his older brother, and with steady gaze always tracks his brother’s every move. He loves grabbing hair and hoodie strings and has a special ability of making every grown up turn to mush.

Nicholas was kept in the intensive care unit for three weeks before receiving a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. All that his mom could do was hold him and apologize to him. “My initial response was complete sadness for this little baby in my arms, who would not have every opportunity in life that he wished for, and who would undoubtedly face challenge after challenge in simple life tasks.”
This was not a journey any of Nicholas’s family prepared for and it can be difficult at times trying not to think about what could’ve or should’ve been. “Down Syndrome has such a range of developmental disability, and we won’t know for some time where Nicholas’ challenges will lie.”

Although being a parent of a child with special needs brings more challenges, there is always a shining feeling of hope — hope that he finds meaning in his world, hope that he experiences the good things the world has to offer. “Our families have been very supportive. I am also pleasantly surprised by the abundance of community supports which are completely funded and very accessible.” It is only the beginning for Nicholas and his family, but at the end of the day when he is gazing back at you, sleeping soundly in his parents’ arms, this Tiny Light has all the love he needs to get by in his future journey through the world.