Meet Sam!

Images Captured By Greg Richardason

Meet 4-year-old Sam. This Tiny Light is giggly, clever, and enthusiastic. Though what his parents find that people tend to focus on is the fact that Sam is autistic.

After multitudes of tests and assessments, Sam was diagnosed in December 2006 with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Initially, Sam’s parents mourned the loss of a normal life for their son. They explain that these feelings are nothing that can simply be explained without personal experience. Still, they were not surprised, as Sam’s development had not followed a typical path.

Sam is blessed with an amazing support system. His friends, family, and wonderful preschool have turned this journey around. The family does find that people that do not know Sam well often define him more as a diagnosis than a person. While they find it hard repeating information to strangers as questions are often repeated, they do care to educate people as well as share wonderful characteristics of their boy, Sam.

This journey has been a hard one. Living with a child with ASD can be a challenge. Despite everything, Sam is still his parents’ inspiration. They are inspired by his energy and delight at the world. “He is very active and curious, and it’s a delight to watch him discover his world.”