Meet Rose

 Images captured by Shima Studios

 Meet Tiny Light Rose. Rose is proof that perfect vision is not imperative for an artist. Rose is full of imagination and wonder. She loves to draw, paint, and sculpt. She loves cooking and helps with reading recipes. One of her favorite books is one on world religion. Rose is 8 years old.
Rose was born in California. She was screened at birth and at one month it was discovered that she was deaf.  After hearing aids failed, Rosie was surgically implanted with a cochlear implant. She could finally hear, but she wasn’t crawling or sitting at 10 months, and at 18 months an eye exam was suggested.
“I don’t want to alarm you, but the vessels feeding her retinas are very fine…” Not words Rose’s parents wanted to hear. With everything, Rose’s mother knew that it was Ushers Syndrome.  The tests were excruciating for little Rose and included everything from glass and steel contacts on her eyes to electrodes on her forehead.  Rose’s mother’s suspicions were confirmed, and being pregnant with another baby girl they feared that this recessive genetic disorder would repeat itself. It did not.
Although Rosie could be blind, her parents hope that a technological miracle like her hearing miracle might come along to preserve her sight. Their wish for her is that she gets a post-secondary education and  a fulfilling job. They wish above all for her to be an independent woman, reaching her full potential. “I remind myself that no parent knows what the future holds for their child; I just have to give her as much opportunity as possible.”