Connor's Story

Meet Connor. A 7 year old Tiny Light.  

On September 15, 2010 Connor fell while playing with friends at school.  The morning after being wrongly diagnosed with an ear infection and tonsillitis, he woke up screaming in pain and vomiting.  The pediatrician that saw Connor in emergency sent him to Children's Hospital. After failing neurological vitals, a CT scan and MRI revealed a 2 by 5 cm tumor near his brain-stem with fluid building in his brain. Emergency surgery removed the tumor, and Connor's parents were devastated to find out that it was cancer.   What Connor has had to go through is something that no 7 year old should know.  Radiation, chemotherapy, spinal tap, needles, loss of hair and weight, pain, and of course missing school and his friends just to name a few.  Through support from the community, Connor's school and an amazing group of friends, Connor and family are getting through these tough times.  The next year will be round of treatments to ensure the cancer stays away.  Despite everything, Connor is a regular boy.  A Nintendo DSI champion!  He loves acting and has a hidden talent of singing.  
He is great at Math and Lego.  Connor is a fighter.  While his 
parents biggest fear is a reoccurrence of this nightmare, they 
continue to take things day by day and be positive and strong.  Connor will be carefully monitored well after treatment is 
complete.  What his Mother wants for him... to be a Survivor...
"Everything else is just pudding".

Photo Courtesy of Melissa DePape Photography