Cael's Story

This two and a half year Tiny Light is Cael.  At one month old, Cael was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.  While shocked and devastated, Cael's parents did suspect something wasn't quite right early on. Cael was one of the first newborns in Canada to be diagnosed with the new screening.  Not knowing a lot about Cystic Fibrosis, his parents didn't know what the future held.To this day, Cael's parents are unclear about his future.  They are feel fortunate that he has done so well in his two and a half years, but there have been a couple of scares along their journey. They don't know how he will be affected by his condition as he gets older, or if it will worsen.  Cael loves Thomas The Train. “ That’s pretty much all he thinks about ALL day!  He is mesmerized by their every movement.”  His parents can not wait to take him to see a real steam engine.  Like most two year olds, nothing slows Cael down!  Unlike most two year olds, Cael's face has appeared on brochures and posters for Cystic Fibrosis organizations. His Mother's wish is that he will be an inspiration for another family starting on the journey they have been on these past few years.  Sher stresses the importance of replying on family and friends as well as being in touch with other CF parents.  "There is nothing like talking to someone who knows what you are going through day to day."  While the future may not be clear, his parents wish for him is to enjoy life, never letting the disease get in his way.  "I want him to be Cael, whatever that may be."

Photo courtesy of Aneca Photography