Image Captured by Rebecca Sehn Portrait Artist

Image Captured by Rebecca Sehn Portrait Artist

The Tiny Light Foundation™ is a registered charity in Canada that provides professional photography for children and families that are currently in palliative care. 

We provide families with lasting memories through the amazing art of photography.  With the help of photographers throughout British Columbia, we are able to provide families with photos they can share to help carry on the many memories.

Your Session

Each child is different and special.  When dealing with a medically fragile children, we know that it takes more patience.  Each photographer is hand-picked and selected for that special reason.

Each session is specially designed and caters to your child and your family.  Each session is free of charge, and you are provided with a high resolution edited photos, ready for printing.  Our photographers are willing to travel to your home or hospital.  


palliative Care

If you have a child with a life-altering disability or diagnosis and they are between the ages 0 & 18, we would love to hear your story.  

Our services are for children and families who live within BC and Alberta.

If your child is currently in hospital and you are wanting to apply for an urgent Tiny Light session, please click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

We know questions always come up.  If you don't see your answer here, please don't hesitate to email us at


Over the last few years we have had the opportunity to meet so many children and families, each one uniquely different, offering us a small glimpse of their lives, leaving us humble and with feelings of gratitude and inspiration.  

Memory Captured by Sarah Spring Photography

Memory Captured by Sarah Spring Photography

I wanted to say thank you for setting up our photgraphy session with Sarah. She was wonderful with the kidlets and very patient. We had our photographs done at the zoo. Sarah was wonderful!! She followed us around and let the girls do whatever they pleased. Sarah also spoke to Elizabeth like she was a person. It is hard to find someone who can treat Elizabeth as a person of typical intelligence. Everyone likes to talk down to her and manipulate her to do what they want. 

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to get professional photos done when Elizabeth is still healthy. We will cherish these photos, in hopefully, our many years to come!

Thank you so much.
The Tongs

Zeynep, our photographer was really patience, flexible and sweet with my son because 1) my son was busy with therapies and 2) the weather was really cold, then we need to wait for a sunny day.  We agree to have the session in an open space like a park where my son feel more free.  When the day came she had her material ready and even made an origami hat and boat for my son, very cute!. She did really nice work ...


...instead she let him to move around and when she found a good shot she just did it...this was not a stressful situation for him, no pressure. She had the cd ready quite fast and she brought this to our place. It is really nice that professionals like her take time of their busy time to give tor kids like my son who struggles in an studio or where he is need to be still.  Also the fact the they give this present to us is very tthoughtful as with a kid with special needs there are many expenses that need priority and having an studio could be for some like a luxury piece, but they made this possible for many families.



Memory Captured by D4 Photography

Memory Captured by D4 Photography

Our experience with The Tiny Light Foundation and Billie our photographer has truly been one of a kind. Billie and Melissa (from a far) made our family feel special. They treated us with respect, and most importantly showed love towards our daughter.  It takes a lot to start a wonderful foundation such as this, and for that we are THANKFUL and PROUD to be apart of such a wonderful foundation.  Billie Has captured beautiful Family shots and beautiful singletons of of daughter that will last a lifetime in memories and on prints.  Melissa has helped us spread the Awareness of CHD's and all together made our daughter a truly special Tiny Light.  his experience has been eye opening for everyone involved, I love seeing the new stories and beautiful photo's of other Tiny Lights. Keep up the FANTASTIC work ladies!

Love The Schaefer's