How does a child qualify?

Your child must be in the age range of 0 - 18.  

There are many, many serious childhood illnesses and life-altering disabilities that come in many ranges and spectrums.  Some may have no diagnosis at all.  The best way to see if you are eligible is to send us your story.  

Our services are for children and families who live within Canada.

We want to photograph your child and your family.  Not only is a child's life altered but the families are affected as well; sisters, brother, moms, dads, foster parents, and/or guardians’ participation are allowed and encouraged.  

Once you have been selected, you will hear back from us with the name of the photographer who has been selected.  We will provide you with a questionnaire and release form that we will need you to fill out in order for us to share your story.  WE DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO SHARE YOUR STORY.  You will then be contacted by your photographer, who will meet with you and your family in person or via phone/email.  The specifics of your personalized shoot will then be discussed. 

** Please note.  If your child is requiring an in-hospital session, please use this Application**

We are NOT accepting applications from Ontario at the moment.

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if you answer yes please fill out the Hospital session Application form. It can be found on the Hospital session page.
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