How do I apply?

All you have to do is email us your story.  Tell us about you, your child, likes, dislikes, help us get to know your child and your family.  No child that meets our requirements will be turned down.  You can go to our "For Families" tab and fill out the application form.

How long till I hear if we have been accepted?

We normally will be in contact with you within three days.  Once we receive your application, we email you the link to our release form and child interview form.  A family will not be matched until we receive your completed forms.  It is very important that you and your child are ready for your session within 4 weeks.

If you’re not 100 % ready, please apply when you feel you will be.

* 24 to 48 hour’s notice is required to cancel a session.  Only three cancelations will be allowed.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, for approved families.  The cost for you is zero!  All you have to do is attend your photo session. 

What do we receive?

You will receive a cd of edited images for your own personal printing.  You will also get 4 sheets of professional quality prints.

Are you a registered Non-Profit Organization?

No, we are a registered Charity in Canada.

Do you offer services to families in eastern Canada?

Yes, please send us your application and story, and if we can find an approved photographer in the area, we would be happy to provide you with our services.

What if I qualify but cannot share my story due to special circumstances?

If accepted, you will still have a session.  We are here to help even if we cannot post your photos or your story.  We do understand that there are special reasons for this, but it will in no way will affect your approval into the Tiny Light family.

I applied and have not heard back.

As long as you submit a working email, you should hear back within a week, even days.  If you do not, you can send us a reminder email.  Sometimes a photographer will forget, emails get lost in cyber space or your spam box, and most because we have many Tiny Lights, sometimes we forget. 

How do you decide who will photograph us?

We will pick a photographer who has extensive experience working with children.  We look at the photographer’s portfolio and contact them on your behalf.  If they decide to take on your file, we will then provide the photographer with your contact information. 

Once we have been approved, how long until our session takes place?

That depends on many things like the health of the child, whether or not the session will take place inside or outside, etc.  Weather plays a major role.  The session should realistically take place within 2 weeks after you have been contacted by your selected photographer.