Second Annual Online Photographers Auction

Today is the day we launch our Second Annual Online Photographers Auction.  We have some AMAZING sponsors that we are so thrilled to have a part of this annual event.  

There are a few things you need to know before you start bidding.

1. This auction is open to everyone, photographer or not.  All items are geared toward the photographer hobbyist and Pro.  

2. All higher valued items do have a reserve bid so be aware.  

3. We suggest watching an item your interested in, by placing your email in the proper spot.  We have shared this auction with thousands of people.  And if it is anything like last year we know there will be some bidding wars.

4. Shipping: Please be aware that not all items include shipping. If they do include shipping it will be stated in the description. Some vendors that did include the shipping will ship to Canada as well as the United States, BUT there could be an extra cost to ship to Canada. 
Borrowed Lenses DOES NOT ship to Canada at all, so that item is for US bidders only ( which is stated in the description ).

5. We had to host it on a private website, as our website would not host the program we had purchased.  So please be aware you are in the right spot when you follow the link. 

6. We have over 50 items so be sure to scroll down and so you can check all our awesome stuff out.  And BID BID BID.

7. If you happen to bid above the Fair Market Value posted by 30% you are eligible for a tax detectable receipt for the amount bid above the value.  IE: If the item you won was valued at $100 and your winning bid was $130.  You will receive a tax deductible receipt for $30.00.  If you have any questions please let us know

8. All monies Raised will be put towards Medical Professional Packages.  These packages will include things like posters, pamphlets, business cards, displays etc.   We will be mailing these packages to Children's Hospitals, Palliative Care Centers, and Children's Hospices across Canada.  Our hope is that no family will go without memories of their beautiful, inspiring Tiny Light.  

We want to Thank You for 'Helping Our Tiny Lights Shine One Photo at a Time'.

Please read the description on each item you bid on carefully, so you fully understand what you are bidding, what is included and what is extra. After the item is won, The Tiny Light Foundation and the vendor is not responsible for anything that was misunderstood by the bidder, as all information needed is stated in the item description.

If you have ANY questions regarding an item please email us at


To access the Auction Please CLICK HERE.

Below are all our amazing Sponsors.

2013 auction sponsor logos.jpg