Amazing people, Amazing day

A few weeks ago I received a call from Aaron McArthur from Global BC evening news.  Most people don't know yet but The McArther's are one of our Tiny Light families.  One of our amazing photographers BrandOne Studio did his family's photos.  Their story is to come!

We were very excited to have the opportunity to sit down with Global at VanDusen Garden to show how Tiny Light stories are brought to life from a few different angles!  One of our Tiny Light families came out.  What a great family!  After a morning of cameras, talking, and hugging... they went off to children's for neurologist appointments.  I am sure they had a very long day.

 Opening shot for the video!!

 Aaron picked up a bee!!  Evan loved that!

Yes Gabi put everyone to work!  Good Job Aaron. I believe she said you were hired!

Twitter photo break!

Our amazing photographer Gabi Moeller also told her story and why she loves this so much... xo Gabi!

Then it was my turn!  I was excited to sit down and talk about one of my true joys,  The Tiny Light Foundation!

They also told me to have my camera beside me... but they didn't think I would use it just as the interview started... Kinda caught them off guard.

Great Team! The Porter, I mean reporter and his camera guy!

Thank you to Global for bringing awareness to The Tiny Light Foundation, our families, and our photographers.  Thank you to Ani, Raymond, Anthony, and Evan.  You guys are so strong and it was a pleasure to meet you!  Your boys are both sweet angels.  Thank you Gabi Moeller Photography, your ability to make everyone smile in front and behind the camera is something we strive to find in a photographer.  We are so glad to have you on our team!  And I hope you win the lotto ;)

We all had an Amazing day with some Amazing people!  To watch the video click here.