Fundraiser 2011

As the building filled Saturday July 16, 2011,  we knew all our hard work would pay off and we would have a very fun, successful evening.

The week leading up to the fundraiser was busier then anyone thought it would ever be. We worked day and night organizing the over 70 items that came in for donations for the silent auction.

By friday night we were both completely exhausted and our nerve's were shot.  We were so anxious and ready for the evening to come.

Setting up all our items proved to be a difficult task, we were so lucky to have people there helping out, and making sure everything was together.  And as people arrived they brought gifts, more auction items, cash donations, and very full wallets!

 We organized 5 sections each named after a local Tiny Light, each section ended at a special time.  Each table in the bar had a story and photo for the patrons to read and understand what we really do at The Tiny Light Foundation. 

As our first section closed we knew right away what kind of night we were in for. It was busy!  And the money kept pouring in.

The evening was so busy and Billie and I worked so hard.  The photobooth we worked so hard at, didn't end up opening until the silent auction closed but once it did open it was a lot of fun!Seriously looking at these phots, it kills us that we weren't able to open it for everyone.

Our very own Colette! Seriously everytime we look at this we can't stop laughing!!

Thanks to everyone who helped!  We had people selling tickets, collecting items and cash donations, we had people running from here to there, organizing, setting up, taking down.  The night was such an amazing success only because of all the people that helped, attended and opened their hearts and wallets!! We sold well over 110 tickets and made well over our goal amount!

We are excited to start planning our next fundraiser!!  Keep your eyes and ears open!!

We leave with some shots two of our lovely photographers who attended had taken for us.

Much love to everyone who supported us and helped us make this evening such a huge success.

~ Melissa, Billie, Jacquie and Colette
and our girl back home in BC who couldn't make it out, Angela :)