Words from a Guest Blogger. Tiny Light Stella's Mom, Anna.

Here is another Guest Blog from one of our amazing Tiny Light Moms! If your family or friend has been part of our Tiny Light journey and you would like to share by being a Guest Blogger for The Tiny Light, please email: angela@thetinylight.com

My name is Anna and I am Stella's mommy. 
It was just a typical evening for me, watching TV and surfing the net.  How I exactly came across The Tiny Light Foundation, I honestly can't remember.  But I do remember reading the foundation's Tiny Light stories.  The photos were beautiful and the stories beautiful, heartwarming and inspiring! I decided that night that I wanted Stella to be a Tiny Light.  I wanted to share her story and our journey as a family.  A few days later I was on facebook chatting with Eiko (photography by Eiko).  I had met Eiko when I was pregnant with Stella as she did our maternity photos.  I knew that she had been wanting to combine her love for photography and her passion for working with people with disabilities.  So I told her about the Tiny Light Foundation but she was one step ahead of me as she had already applied to be a Tiny Light photographer and had been accepted.  I already knew just what an amazing photographer she was, so I was even more excited to send in the application!!

Our photo session was an adventure for sure!  My two older daughters Olivia and Sophie, were not the most co operative, but Eiko was patient and laidback and just let them run around.  What few smiles my little rascals had, she caught with ease and looking at the pictures you'd think they were as sweet as pie!  Stella was pure sweetness the whole time and I loved all the amazing head bands and the cute little outfit that Eiko brought for Stella to wear on the photoshoot.  When I saw the photos for the first time I cried (just a little :) ).  Eiko has a gift. She captured the love that we all have for Stella with the click of her camera!! The photos of Stella showed her sweetness, her patience, her perfection.  Words can't properly express how much we love and cherish those photos.  Eiko is a wonderful person and a talented photographer.

After seeing Stella's story on the Tiny Light facebook page I felt inspired.  I wanted to give back, to do more, to pay it forward.  Stella was Eiko's first Tiny Light and I felt compelled to get the word out there in our community about The Tiny Light Foundation.  So I called a friend of mine who works at our local radio station and she organized an interview on the two local radio stations (Chat 94.5 and My 96)  and the local news (CHAT news).  I then called Eiko and asked her to help spread the word with me. 

The Tiny Light Foundation is truly a fabulous foundation.  Not only do they provide beautiful photos for the families to cherish,  they help bring awareness to so many different disabilities and illnesses. We are so thankful to be a Tiny Light family and we plan on spreading the word about The Tiny Light Foundation wherever we can!

Images by Photography by Eiko