Guest Bloggers!

We are always so excited to share with you the stories of our Tiny Light’s. One of the reasons that we started the Tiny Light Blog is to give you a behind the scenes view of the Tiny Light journey from many perspectives, not just ours!

We will be having Guest Bloggers, and we would love to hear your story! If you are a Tiny Light friend or family member, a photographer, writer, editor or have been involved with us in any way and would like to share, please do! You can email me at: to find out how to do a guest blog.

Our first guest blogger is one of our amazing Tiny Light photographers, Andrea Devisser!

My name is Andrea Devisser.  I am a Photographer based in Chilliwack & The Fraser Valley, British Columbia.  Capturing real life is what I do best.  A photojournalist of sorts, I approach each shoot in a documentary style.  Telling the story.  Your story.

I first read about the Tiny Light Foundation & Melissa DePape in our local newspaper, the Chilliwack Times.  I knew immediately that this was something I would love to be part of.   Incorporating my talent as a photographer and being able to give this gift to these kids each with their very own mountain to climb, tugged at my heartstrings.  Children, some of whom have unpredictable health, and sadly, sometimes diagnoses or a prognosis that is seemingly far too much to bear.

In my own family, we have two nephews with Down syndrome, both who are in every way “tiny lights”.  Being part of a family in which we are watching & supporting our siblings as they face the various triumphs & struggles in their children’s various developmental delays has definitely opened our eyes to the incredible blessing a foundation such as The Tiny Light can be.

Photographs.  A moment frozen in time.  We simply can’t put a price tag on this.  And so we don’t.  It is our gift to these children & their families.  I’ve seen the joy and the tears these photographs bring to these families. 

So far I’ve had the opportunity to photograph two very special tiny lights. 

The first session I did was for a little guy named Parker.  His session had a great impact on me; there is just something about this little man that truly shines.  Parker was diagnosed with Autism in 2006.  He later was also diagnosed with having severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.  You can see more photos from his session, and read a bit more on Parker, on my website: