Campbell's Story

Memories Captured by Amy Symes Photography

Meet Tiny Light Campbell. He’s four years old and started school this year. Campbell uses a wheelchair and works very hard to walk in his Rifton and Kaye walkers. Campbell enjoys being with others and absolutely loves music and dancing, especially with Ellen at the beginning of her talk show.

Campbell was born prematurely and was delivered at only 24 weeks. He fought constantly to stay alive, and there were many occasions when his parents, Joanna and Bertran, were not certain if Campbell would live. After the fourth month in hospital, and five surgeries to try to save his eyes, his parents were told that Campbell would be blind. One month later, they were told that he’d also be deaf. Campbell has now been home with his family for three years, but the journey is only beginning. One year ago, it was confirmed that Campbell has cerebral palsy and may never walk. 

“We expose him to many things,” says Joanna, “bike rides, cross-country skiing, camping, swimming, yet we know that with his challenges he’ll be limited. He’s a remarkable boy with so much love and potential. He lifts our spirits and shows us the way all the time, but I still feel, at times, that he’ll be left out of many opportunities, and that truly breaks my heart.” She adds, “We are proud of him and who he is. He’s taught us so much in his four years of life. He’s a very funny little boy and has a smile that will warm any heart, and melts mine.” 

Written by Lori McLellan