Nathan's Story

Images Captured by CM Photo Art

Tiny Light Nathan brings sunshine and smiles to everyone who comes close.  He has a fighting spirit, and has so far defied all the predictions of his doctors.  Nathan’s adorable chubby cheeks, wide, cheering smile, and his happy coos soften the heart of everyone who meets him.

Nathan has interhemispheric arachnoidal cyst, agenesis of the corpus collasum, missing splenium, nystagmus, sun setting eyes, and low oxygen saturation.  He faces a battle every day to stay alert, feed well, and to stimulate his brain to the fullest so that he can grow and reach milestones.  His challenge is to keep feeding well, get enough oxygen, and to live each day to the fullest because he is quite the sleepy little boy.  

By four weeks old, Nathan had already undergone two difficult surgeries.  He came through like a champion, and continues to do better than expected.  He is being followed by a number of clinics, and has captivated many with his adorable and radiant personality.  His parents, Mark and Ronda, are amazed at the strength and spirit that Nathan has shown the world.  The family takes huge comfort from the support of their friends, family, and church congregation, who have been very supportive of their journey with Nathan.

He and his older brother are both a joy to Mark and Ronda, who cherish every day with their boys.  Nathan may have called NICU home for a while and has spent time in hospitals, but he is in his real home now.  His family is so thrilled to have their tiny light with them every day.  There is no sure prognosis for Nathan.  His mom says, "There are numerous concerns such as epilepsy, mild to severe mental challenges, developmental challenges, vision issues and feeding problems," but his parents are hopeful that Nathan will live a full and very happy life.

Story written by Andrea Lee