Rukia and Orihime's Story

Memories Captured by EYE:58 PHOTOGRAPHY

Tiny Lights Rukia and Orihime are always happy, especially when they get to go shopping with their bags. The twin girls also love putting diapers on their dolls, and now they’re getting a chance to practice on their newborn baby sister Okami. They just celebrated their third birthdays – a major milestone parents Cindy and Amilcar weren’t sure they’d get to see.

The twins were both born with heart conditions. Rukia was diagnosed with hypoplastic right heart – essentially half a heart – along with several other heart defects. Orihime had critical aortic stenosis with bicuspid valve and doming pulmonary valve. Both girls spent months in the hospital undergoing numerous surgeries and procedures, battling several complications.

Rukia has one more surgery ahead in the near future, and in a year or two, Orihime will also undergo another procedure. But these girls aren’t letting that slow them down. They started preschool this year and go through daily occupational and speech therapy. The twins love to sing and dance, colour and play tag. The family says their Tiny Lights have taught them to take things one day at a time and appreciate every moment. “Seeing their strength when they are going through all of their surgeries gives us the inspiration, the strength and the faith that they will always pull through.”

Written by Elaine Yong