Conrad's Story

    Meet Tiny Light Conrad, a very friendly boy who loves making new friends. He likes playing with cars and trucks, and watching Sesame Street and Cars videos on his ipod. He really enjoys riding his quad outside and especially loves fishing and helping his grandpas drive their boats—all the things that a typical three-year-old boy would enjoy. But there is something that sets Conrad apart from most three-year-olds and it has caused his family’s whole world to tremble.

     On May 27, 2011 Conrad was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. On top of his threeand-a-half-year treatment cycle, Conrad also deals with fevers every three months no matter what is happening. His parents say the hardest part is watching their son go through all this and not really understanding why or what he’s going through. When he does get a fever, Conrad doesn’t understand why he is in the hospital for days, sometimes even weeks. That, too, is hard on his parents.

    Despite the daily struggle this little warrior faces, he tackles it head on with amazing courage for a child his age. He takes it all like a true champion and pushes through every challenge thrown at him, not letting anything slow him down. The possibility of relapse scares his parents the most, but they remain positive, focusing on the “now” and not the “what if’s.” Advice they have for other parents in similar situations is to “stay strong, stay positive, ask lots of questions and be your child’s advocate.”

Images Captured by Simply B Photos
Story written by Adrianna Tailleur