Skyeler's Story

Images Captured by Proudest Monkey Photography

Meet Tiny Light Skyeler. This Tiny Light enjoys running, cuddles and playing hockey and trains. He especially loves hanging out with brothers Hayden, Colyn, Brogan and Parker.

Skyeler was diagnosed with Noonan syndrome in September 2012 – a congenital disorder often referred to as a ‘hidden condition’ as it displays no obvious signs, but consists of problems that may be varied and complex. Skyeler’s parents note that not all of his issues are covered by the Noonan syndrome diagnosis. In addition, Skyeler suffers from chronic constipation, oral aversion, developmental delay, subglottic stenosis, seizures, sleep apnea and vocal cord paralysis.

Skyeler’s parents state that the hardest part of the journey has been seeing their little boy so sick and completely helpless. They are inspired by how he has persevered and how he continues to remain strong and keep smiling.  “He has overcome so much, he gives us the strength to overcome our fears.”    

As a message to other families who have children with similar diagnoses, Skyeler’s parents say, “Don’t go a single day without embracing them in a hug, giving them a kiss and telling them that you love them. Make them know they are the absolute most important thing in life.”

Story by Stephanie Bond