Noah & Daxton's Story

Images Captured by Craig D. Photography

Meet Tiny Lights Daxton and Noah. These little troopers love being outside, playing in the park, and going for car rides. Though they are very active and enjoy wrestling with each other and chasing their cat around, they also love cuddle time. When they aren’t looking at books, playing with their cars, or colouring, they are probably busy being “Mommy’s special little helpers.”

Both boys were diagnosed at birth with myotonic dystrophy, a form of muscular dystrophy that makes their muscles weak and also makes it difficult for their muscles to relax after contraction. Their diagnosis wasn’t surprising to their parents, as their mother has the same disease. These boys need to work so much harder to reach their major milestones, including crawling, walking, and talking. They are both receiving physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and soon will start developmental therapy. Daxton has even started preschool!

Watching them hit their major milestones - often long overdue - has been incredible for their parents. “The anticipation builds up so much that it makes it that much more special!”. While Daxton and Noah may be limited in what they can do, they don’t let it bother them. These Tiny Lights bring incredible joy to their family. “While they may be tiny, they light up our entire world.”

Story by Emily Harrison