Emma's Story

Memories Captured by AnneMarie Gruden Photography

Tiny Light Emma is a strong, feisty little girl who just celebrated her first birthday. She likes to babble like a toddler with her two-year old brother. Their mother sometimes laughs as she wonders if they are plotting against her.

When Emma's mother was 31 weeks into her pregnancy, an ultrasound showed a cyst in the area of Emma's ovary. Postnatal ultrasounds made the doctors think it was a cyst on her small bowel that would need to be removed. However, during the laparoscopic surgery, they found that it was an ovarian cyst after all. They decided not to remove it, but to continue to monitor it by ultrasound instead.

The most recent update brought very good news for Tiny Light Emma and her family. A follow-up ultrasound three months after the surgery showed the cyst was gone...just like that. After hearing about so many worst-case scenarios, Emma's mother is relieved that her little girl came out of it relatively unscathed. "Most incredible thing ever," she says "We certainly came out of this feeling very blessed."

written by Karis Sengara