Chloe's Story

Images Captured by Rebecca Hall Photography

Tiny light Chloe went to the doctor when she was 2 years old for what her
parents thought was a simple lazy eye. To their dismay she was immediately
transferred to Sick Kids Hospital. It turned out she had cancer in both
eyes. Within a few days, she had her left eye removed, but luckily the
doctors were able to save her right eye.  Though she had to undergo chemo
and other treatments, most of the time no one would have known she was sick
because she always stayed strong and had a smile on her face.

Like most little girls, Chloe enjoys singing, dancing and swimming. Though
she still needs frequent monitoring, she has now been cancer free for three
years. After the Children’s Wish Foundation granted Chloe’s wish to go to
Disneyland, she and her have family participated in the Wishmaker walk
every year to help raise money to fund other children’s wishes.

Nothing holds this Tiny Light back. Despite having only one eye, she does
all the activities any five year old would, including jumping on the
trampoline and even gymnastics. She has adjusted well to having one eye,
and even cleans her prosthetic eye by herself. Chloe’s mother says her
daughter is her hero, and a true inspiration to everyone.

Story written by Ardis Fisch

Aisley's Story

Memories Captured By Eye 58 Photography

Tiny Light Aisley has an energy that cannot be matched. This bubbly, outgoing and funny almost four-year old little girl just keeps going, no matter how hard the road ahead. Now that her hair is growing back, you would never know she’s been fighting cancer for more than a year.

Aisley was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia the week before Christmas 2011, just two months after welcoming her baby sister Emerson into the family home. Her parents Curtis and Alison were devastated. “We didn’t know what to expect. When you hear the word ‘cancer’, you think the absolute worst.” They had to uproot the family from their home in a small Alberta town and move to Calgary for Aisley’s treatment, which involved painful surgeries, bone marrow aspirations, and terrible side effects from the chemotherapy.

Now Aisley is in the maintenance phase of chemo. She takes daily medication at home with monthly hospital appointments. She enjoys going to preschool. She is a born performer who loves to dance and sing. Aisley is also a great big sister to Emerson. This Tiny Light has shown her family she is pretty incredible. “I hope one day she can visit a newly diagnosed little girl and tell her she was once in her shoes. And if she fights hard enough, she’ll be strong and healthy and ready to take on the world too. Although if I’m wishing for things, I’d rather there never be another little girl or boy diagnosed with cancer.”

Written by Elaine Yong