Ricky's Story

Tiny Light Ricky is a rare gift indeed.  He has a condition called Ring Chromosome 18, which is shared by only a small handful of others worldwide.  Richard faces his challenges with a strong will, which he needed right from birth.

Born ‘blue’ with no heartbeat, Ricky fought for his life while his parents, Amber and Joe, waited four long hours to see him.  Even after he was stabilized, they were told their son would probably only live a few days.  On the day they were supposed to take him home, Amber was told about her son’s rare diagnosis.  Heartbroken and scared, she asked what this meant for Ricky’s future but his doctors couldn’t answer, as no two Ring Chromosome 18 patients are alike.  

This Tiny Light has had many developmental challenges, but he’s beaten the odds his doctors had given him.  Today, three and a half years after his birth, Ricky has learned to walk with the aid of a walker and is looking forward to starting school.  He loves books, toy cars, music and making people laugh by making funny faces.  As Amber says, “The worst part is not knowing what to expect or how to be able to make everything ok for him…the most amazing part is seeing how strong he is.   Seeing the determination in my son everyday makes me so proud.  Everything about him inspires me.”  

Written with Love by 
Jayne Akizuki