Odin's Story

Memories Captured by Affordable Child Photography

Meet Tiny Light Odin. He is a mirror twin to brother Griffen. He also has an older brother, Kingston, with whom he loves to play peek-a-boo!

At 15 weeks of pregnancy, Odin’s mother was kicked in her stomach and was sent to the emergency room with the very real possibility of losing her babies. It was discovered at this time that Odin would have several congenital heart defects. Once born, the full extent of Odin’s condition was able to be determined and he was diagnosed with heterotaxy (RAI), unbalanced atrioventricular septal defect, transposition of the great arteries, double outlet right ventricle, anterior aorta, pulmonary stenosis, univentricular heart, asplenia, laryngomalacia, non-rotational bowels and midline heart.

This Tiny Light has undergone two open-heart surgeries and continues to persevere. He has gained weight since his last surgery and is able to eat by mouth after being fed via an NG tube. This will allow him to be stronger for his third surgery, which is scheduled in a year’s time.

Odin’s parents state that the hardest part of the journey has been seeing the pain their Tiny Light has had to endure. “Not being able to push away the doctors and nurses and take off all the tubes and wires...” has been difficult. As they say, “Never give up hope on how strong your child could be...appreciate every little thing life has to offer because...they will teach you hope.”

Story by Stephanie Bond