Nash's Story

Images Captured By Rhonda DeMone Photography

Tiny Light Nash has proven to be quite a fighter already, even though he’s just over a year old. He loves to dance, play with his trucks, and reading books. He also enjoys cuddling his mom and riding on his dad’s shoulders.

When Nash was just nine days old, he was diagnosed with posterior urethral valve disorder (an obstructive developmental anomaly in the urethra and genitourinary system of male newborns). He was admitted to the NICU and was scheduled for surgery the following day, but it was cancelled when they realized he had gone septic. After three weeks of treatment, Nash was healthy again and underwent the surgery, which was a success. Unfortunately, a follow-up renal scan showed that Nash’s right kidney was in renal failure. Over the next few months, Nash passed mucus blockages when he urinated, each one feeling like he was passing a kidney stone. After passing a total of 33 blockages in only 3 months, doctors decided to remove his kidney.

It was extremely difficult for Nash’s mother, Deahna, to put her son’s health in someone else’s hands and just wait to see how things would turn out. However, since his surgery last July, Nash has been doing extremely well. In February, his parents were told that as long as he avoids infection, he should not need a kidney transplant within the next five years. As he gets older, however, his chances of needing a transplant increases.

Her son’s strength is an inspiration for Deahna. “Nash inspires me everyday to wake up and live each day to its fullest. He hasn't given up so why should I?  I try to look past the what ifs and take it one day at a time.”

Story by Emily Harrison