Tiny Light Matteo just celebrated a big milestone – one year post treatment for cancer. This little boy is full of smiles despite all the challenges he has faced.

Matteo was in acute renal failure when he was diagnosed with a tumour on his bladder at 16 months. He was supposed to undergo a year and a half of chemotherapy, but just three months later, he relapsed with a lesion to his prostate. A new round of chemo mixed with radiation wasn’t working so doctors decided to remove both his prostate and bladder. There were painful complications following the surgery and aggressive treatment that have had permanent side effects, but Matteo got through it.

Now Matteo has a urostomy, a urine bag much like a colostomy, but he has learned to walk again and has started speaking.  He enjoy going to the playground, swimming with his friends, and shopping. This Tiny Light has taught his family what’s really important. “Never sweat the small stuff. Matteo is and always will be my hero.”

Written by Elaine Yong