Maclain's Story

Images Captured by H2 Photo

Meet Tiny Light Maclain.

Maclain is so happy, energetic and loving. He always puts his best effort forward and he is thrilled by every accomplishment he makes. He loves movies and dancing. Maclain loves to be in the water and have someone blowing bubbles at him. Maclain adores Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and playing with his brother. His favourite treat, like many kids, is chocolate!

This little Tiny Light was born in August 2007 at 29 weeks gestation by emergency C-section. It would save his life. At just four months old, his family was given the news that he was profoundly deaf. After his emergency delivery, and the death of his twin brother in utero, Maclain's family was devastated. They had no sooner come to grips with his hearing loss when they were told he had Severe Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. He would never walk, sit or feed himself. He would always need to rely on technology. 
His family deals with numerous therapies, appointments, funding requests, equipment fittings, and tries to figure out how to do normal things in an adapted way on a daily basis. Maclain's family were told that he would never be verbal. Now, against all odds, Maclain can count to 20, say his colours, ask for his favourite food and call out for his Daddy.

Maclain is now 6 years old. Although his Cerebral Palsy is still very significant, he has made great gains with his speech and is starting to get quite fast using his walker. Maclain's parents Brenda and Graham, and brother Chase are so proud that Maclain will be starting Grade 1 next year!

Story written by Kelsey Walker