Kaydence's Story

At only two months old, Tiny Light Kaydence had to be rushed to the hospital by her parents after she woke up vomiting and off in colour. Until this moment, Kaydence had been a happy, healthy baby.

After several tests, Doctors told Kaydence’s parents that she had Critical Aortic Cyanosis. Tiny Light Kaydence’s heart’s left ventricle wasn’t allowing proper blood flow. Doctors had a hard time stabilizing her, but after being transferred to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, they were able to do just that and performed a cardiac catheterization. Complications from this left a blood clot in her right leg, and Kaydence now needed blood thinners.

After being in hospital for over a month, Tiny Light Kaydence returned home, but after a routine hospital visit, tests showed that Kaydence was losing heart function. She was then diagnosed with Cardio Myopathy; her heart was five times the size of a normal baby her age. Medications work, but it is inevitable that Kaydence will need a heart transplant.

Mom, Nicole, says Kaydence is living as normal a life as she can, but “… it has been almost like a ticking time bomb.” Since this last diagnosis, Kaydence has also been told she has Turner Syndrome. This now two-and-a-half year old Tiny Light is really happy and full of life and energy. She loves to dance, and can make anyone smile. Her parents realize they have a long road ahead of them, but also realize that their daughter is a very strong and brave little girl.

Written by Valerie Bush

Images Captured by Sweet Exposure Photography