Jeremie's Story

Jeremie doesn't let anything stop him from having fun and living life to the fullest. He enjoys hockey, badminton, riding a scooter and being a good friend and brother to Justin and Cedric.

This Tiny Light was around four months old when his family was told that his heart was not as healthy as it should be and he was diagnosed with sub aortic-stenosis. Then, when Jeremie was three years old they were told that he needed surgery. Jeremie was put on a bypass machine that stops the heart so doctors could work on it. Mom Melanie was so afraid of losing him but with family support they got through this difficult time. In no time he was running around, back to his old self, as if nothing had happened.

Melanie is proud of how strong Jeremie is. He may need more surgery in the future, only time will tell. Melanie hopes he grows up to be whatever he wants to be. She says, “We can always fear the worst, but I would rather stay positive.”

Story written by Lori Meers

Images Captured by Jennifer Boggett Photography