Henry & Ben's Story

Memories Captured by Brite Spot Photography

Meet Tiny Light brothers Ben and Henry. These Tiny Lights love playing with balloons, going for walks in their stroller and listening to music. They especially love getting tickled!

Both Ben and Henry were born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Ben was born first and was diagnosed at about five months of age. Two years later, Henry was born and started showing similar symptoms at around four months of age. Ben and Henry are extremely dependent on others as neither child can walk, sit, talk, feed themselves or play. Both also suffer from vision problems, constipation and acid reflux.

Ben seemingly has more cognitive issues whereas Henry is more aware of his surroundings. The boys’ parents state, “The hardest thing is when we see other children or hear our friends talk about their children doing things we know our children will never do.” Mom Hayley recalled a tough moment breaking down in a park while watching two young boys run and play.

As a message to other families dealing with similar diagnoses, Ben and Henry’s family says, “I know it feels like you are alone and no one will ever understand what you’re going through but there are others out there and you will be surprised how much your family and friends will pull together to help you raise this child.” Hayley says her Tiny Lights are her inspirations. “They are not sad. They are extremely happy. Sometimes just looking at them all the problems I thought mattered really don’t.”

written by Stephanie Bond