Hallie's Story

Six year old Hallie is a determined little girl who welcomes every day with a smile. She loves reading, school work, riding her horse during therapy, and playing with her dolls.

News of Hallie's impending arrival was welcomed news for the whole family. Shane and Heather already had sons Carter and Parker, so a little girl would complete their family. However, Hallie's birth did not go as planned. During delivery, her heart stopped and she suffered a lack of oxygen, resulting in a severe brain injury.

Hallie was not expected to live long after her birth, but she has amazed everyone with her fighting spirit. Despite having Cerebral Palsy, this six-year-old reads at a grade three level! She struggles to gain weight, and has difficulty using her limbs. Still, she perseveres.

While Hallie's parents are concerned about their daughter's future, they are also inspired by her progress. This Tiny Light was not expected to crawl, but now she is an active crawler. The Ganderton family hopes their little miracle continues to thrive, and remains both happy and positive.

Written by Catherine Urquhart

Images captured by Angie Chauvin Photography