Francesca's Story

Images Captured by Valerie Pyke Photography

Tiny Light Francesca is a happy, calm, and pure soul. She loves lights, music and being outdoors. She has a personality and aura that make you want to be around her.

When Francesca was just five months old, her parents were shocked when she was diagnosed with Pallister-Killian Syndrome, especially since all of Francesca's prenatal testing came back normal. Pallister-Killian Syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disorder. Characteristics include mental and physical delays. Most children with this syndrome do not walk or speak. Other health issues can include hearing loss, loss of sight, feeding issues, heart problems, respiratory complications, seizures, complications with digestion and elimination, and muscle contractions.

Francesca's first year was difficult on everyone, between being in and out of hospital and learning to adjust to a new "normal." Now things seem to be evening out for the family, and they are enjoying being happy at home. Francesca's parents say they believe that she was given to them for a reason. Her future is unpredictable so they just soak in the "now" and savour all the moments. Their main goal is to make sure she feels happy and loved, and it's clear they're doing a great job at that.

Story written by: Adrianna Tailleur