Clarisa's Story

Tiny Light Clarisa was born a fighter. At age 17 months she had a seizure, which led doctors to determine that Clarisa had had a stroke while in the womb. As a result of the stroke, Clarisa has a scar on the left side of her brain. She’s unable to use the right side of her body as well as the left and she now has to take medication three times a day to control the seizures that can sometimes last up to two hours.

Last summer, along with the diagnosis of seizure disorder, Clarisa was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This Tiny Light is a very strong, powerful spiritual being who practices her Aboriginal culture, smudging with mom and sister. She loves to paint, colour and draw and loves anything to do with the water. She also loves to watch her favourite rabbits on TV, Max and Ruby. She is a very helpful and affectionate little girl, giving kisses lovingly.

Mom Lisa says, “Never give up on your child” and “Patience is key.” She realizes that not only must she make time for herself but also for her other daughter. Like any mother, she wants Clarisa to follow her dreams and not let her disabilities get in the way. One thing that Lisa fears is that Clarisa will face problems at school with the other kids but she knows that educating the kids on Clarisa’s disabilities is key to this not happening.

Mom believes Clarisa’s future holds anything that her Tiny Light sets her sights on. Her determination will help her achieve a strong, positive impact in the world.

Story written by Valerie Bush

Images Captured by Sprout Photography