Bayleigh's Story

Images Captured by Krystina Repchuk Photography

Meet Tiny Light Bayleigh. She loves water, books, her dog George,
dancing and music. She just started kindergarten this year and
absolutely loves it! Bayleigh was a wonderful surprise for her parents
as they didn't think they could have any more children.

Shortly after Bayleigh was born, her parents discovered that she had
many lung and heart problems. At the age of three months, Bayleigh
underwent a heart transplant. Afterwards, she had a tracheostomy
for long term ventilator use. She was also diagnosed with scoliosis,
but fortunately is able to walk. She called the hospital "home" for 17
long months before she was finally able to go to her real home with
her family.

Bayleigh is a very strong girl. She lives life to the fullest every day
and always has a smile on her face that can brighten anyone's day.
Her parents are amazed by her strength and will for life.
They say, “We don't know what the future holds for Bayleigh or for
us, but we try to live life to the fullest with her.” Seeing Bayleigh’s
beautiful smile every day helps them overcome any
feelings of fear they may have about her future.

Story written by Adrianna Tailleur
Edited by Karin Keefe